Општи карактеристики

Damon 3MX

Extraordinary Strength
• Stainless steel 17-4 metal-injection molded (MIM) construction for strength and durability
• Four solid walls for fast, low-friction tooth movement and superior control
• Remarkably easy-to-use slide mechanism with deep funnel and backstop for quick wire changes
• Smooth slot corners for reduced binding even in severe deflections
• Vertical slot for removable drop-in hooks and other auxiliaries
• Contoured base design and Optimesh® XRT pads for optimal bondretention

Технички карактеристики
Easy – a mechanism that incredibly simplifies work. Put the archwire into the opening and close it with the tip of your finger.
Fast and simple – quick archwire replacement. Practitioners will know how important this is, especially with patients with high placed II molars.

Closing the bracket – Simply push the sliding mechanism with your fingers. You should hear a characteristic sound that means the bracket is closed.
If the archwire is visibly twisted or is hard to place into the opening because of the teeth position use the cool tool instrument.

Notice: the top of the instrument must be held under a right angle in relation to the sliding mechanism.
Notice: less than 150g of force is needed to open the bracket.

Opening the bracket – Place the top of the instrument directly on top of the button for releasing the sliding mechanism at a right angle in relation to the face of the bracket (see picture).

Maximum control – with its four firm walls this tube provides maximum torque throughout the therapy.